Your Guide Through Divorce: Meet Nancy Kay

Nancy Kay  provides Strategic Guidance and Support so that you can survive and then thrive through the storm of separation and divorce.

Having experienced a very challenging divorce, Nancy understands first-hand how beneficial it is to develop a  trusted relationship with a Divorce Strategist who can support and guide you as you navigate through the turbulent seas that surround divorce.

She can show you how to gain clarity instead of chaos, how to work most effectively with your divorce attorney and help you to focus on what matters most as you begin moving forward in your new life.

Nancy’s Background

Nancy KayAfter earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Nancy worked as a Television News Reporter and Producer.

During her 20 years of marriage, she relocated many times for her husband’s career while raising three children.

Nancy was  blindsided by divorce when she discovered that her husband had a complex secret life and had been making exit plans to leave the marriage for some time.

Nancy learned how to work closely with her Divorce Team  and earned a Paralegal Certificate from Capital Law School’s Paralegal Program in Columbus, OH in 2008.  She then worked as a Paralegal in Law Firms specializing in Family Law and Bankruptcy before starting her divorce guidance business.

Seeing the strong need for those going through divorce to have a guide in addition to their Divorce Attorney or Mediator, Nancy received Training  from a Coaching Program approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Nancy is an Expert Contributor for Huffington Post, Divorce Magazine,  Life Thru Divorce and Divorced Moms.

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An Unsinkable Soul - cover

An Unsinkable Soul

Nancy is co-author of the Empowering  book, An Unsinkable Soul: Reality is the Leading Cause of Stress

Available to You

Nancy is available for one-to-one guidance and Workshops

Reach Nancy  at (614) 595-6056

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
~ Soren Kierkegaard