3 Reasons to Rip Open that Chocolate Bar!

When it comes to dealing with your health during separation and divorce, it is so easy to get caught up in the emotional storm of divorce that your plans to focus on your physical well-being often get tossed around like a foil wrapper into the back seat of your car while you navigate though each […]

Top 5 Ways to Take the Edge Off Overwhelm

Breathe Deeply. Breathe in slowly counting to four, then hold your breath for the same count of four and then slowly exhale. Taking the time to breathe in deeply several times can help you clear your mind when you start to feel anxious or stressed. 2.   Change your Environment. Take a walk outside with your […]

5 Signs to Help You Recognize Emotional Abuse

Are you or someone you know experiencing emotional abuse? Although many of us are aware of how to recognize physical abuse, the damaging effects from emotional abuse can be just as powerful and devastating as physical abuse. Sadly, emotional abuse is still largely ignored by our society and many times those who are experiencing it […]

3 Tips for Facing the New Year on your Own

As you begin moving forward into the New Year, you might be considering separation, be in the process of divorce or facing the need to make plans to start living on your own for the first time in many years. When dealing with the multitude of changes that are coming your way, it’s valuable to have […]

3 Reasons why Jewelry Ads are Upsetting during the Holidays

Are your favorite Christmas songs playing over and over in your head? Or are you hearing the catchy jingles from jewelry store ads instead? Each holiday season we start hearing and seeing the jewelry store ads sooner than before. The relentless barrage of jewelry store jingles saturates my mind with messages that play with my […]

How to Get Help Starting Divorce

Has the thought of starting divorce shattered your confidence?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by the unknown?  How do you regain your confidence and develop the resilience that you need to move forward? The key thing to remember is not to go it alone. Divorce is an emotionally and physically draining process that can significantly alter […]

Texting During Divorce

Is your spouse making you so angry and upset you want to fire off a text to get your feelings out? While texting your thoughts now may make you feel better for the moment, it could cause you huge headaches later if it becomes used against you during your divorce. According to a March 2012 […]

Is divorce putting your emotional fuel tank on empty?

I believe that one of the hardest realizations that comes from going through divorce is the upsetting discovery that your emotional energy tank is not only rapidly getting lower, it may be heading for Empty. Counselor and Author Dr. Jim Talley, describes it in the following way: “All our energy is being burnt up. Emotionally […]