Did Facebook Break Up your Marriage?

  Although most people consider logging into Facebook an easy way to kill some time or take a break, something much more dangerous might be going on than just checking in with relatives and friends. Facebook may truly be the kiss of death when it comes to the health of your marriage. Casual online chats […]

Should you Take Back an Unfaithful Husband?

Are you considering trying to reconcile with your unfaithful husband? Although many women try at least once and many try several times to reconcile, you could be getting more than you can deal with over the long run. After discovering that my husband of 15 years was having an affair with a single co-worker, I […]

Is your Marriage Dying on the Vine of Neglect?

Death by a thousand cuts. A marriage may end this way. Erupting wildly like angry lava spewing over the top of a pressure filled chamber that lies deep beneath its dark, multi-sided surface. Or marriage can die an agonizing and slower death by neglect. Too many work demands and frustrating conversations about your jobs that […]

Should I Divorce or Not?

Are you wavering back and forth about whether or not to divorce? Since divorce cuts across all the parts of a person’s life, you’re probably experiencing many fears and doubts about what to do and second-guessing any of the decisions you have made so far. Even if you have made the decision to move forward […]

Is your Marriage on Life Support? 9 Warning Signs

For better or for worse… but when it does get worse, you may find yourself trying to decide if your marriage can still be revived or if it’s time to disconnect the monitor that’s barely keeping the marriage alive- even knowing that it will cause pain, disruption and many changes to come. How can you […]

6 Smart Things to Do Before the Money Disappears

1.  Get several credit cards in your name only.  It’s a smart move to be pro-active and apply for several credit cards in your name only BEFORE you even think you might need these financial safety vests that can keep you afloat in a storm. Many women are caught off guard financially when they discover that their […]

The Day my Marriage Fell Apart

It was quite early on the morning of Valentine’s Day when I discovered that my husband had left gifts for our two daughters on our kitchen table, yet there was nothing there for me. Just two weeks before that day, I had confronted my husband directly, face to face about the fact that I had […]

Warning: Backing Up will Result in Severe Tire Damage

You may remember having had the experience of leaving a parking lot area and seeing the following large red warning sign posted near the exit: Warning: Backing up will Result in Severe Tire Damage! When it comes to going through all the twists and turns that come along with major life transitions such as separation […]

Top 5 Ways to Take the Edge Off Overwhelm

Breathe Deeply. Breathe in slowly counting to four, then hold your breath for the same count of four and then slowly exhale. Taking the time to breathe in deeply several times can help you clear your mind when you start to feel anxious or stressed. 2.   Change your Environment. Take a walk outside with your […]

Divorce Court: Take 2 Tylenol and watch this!

  If you are experiencing going through divorce for the first time, you may not know what to expect when your thoughts turn to going to court. In this video, divorcing couple Jill and Kevin are surrounded by bailiffs, the judge, attorneys and others who all provide some comic relief compared to what  divorce court […]