Contemplating Divorce? Should I Stay or Should I Go?

When it comes to deciding whether to stay married or whether to separate or divorce, your thoughts and emotions are likely to go back and forth many times as you  feel both overwhelmed and uncertain about what you should do. What are your options when it comes to figuring out if you’ll be better off […]

Are you Living in the Tsunami of Other People’s Expectations?

As a divorced mom of 3 kids who are each 5 years apart in age, I live in a lot of worlds at one time. For many years while I was married, I had the youngest child at home with me, the middle child in elementary school and the oldest in either middle or high […]

Warning: Backing Up will Result in Severe Tire Damage

You may remember having had the experience of leaving a parking lot area and seeing the following large red warning sign posted near the exit: Warning: Backing up will Result in Severe Tire Damage! When it comes to going through all the twists and turns that come along with major life transitions such as separation […]

3 Reasons Why Divorces Start Peaking in January

Many attorneys find that the time period from mid-January through March shows a strong surge in the number of people who start the legal process of filing for divorce. Why do so many people wait until this time of the year to file for divorce?  Here are 3 reasons why the number of divorce filings […]

How to Save More Money During Divorce

  Are you or someone you know at the start of Separation or Divorce? The decisions that you make right now are critical when it comes to getting the outcome you deserve. If you are considering getting a divorce but not sure where to start, find out here why getting the guidance and support you […]

Choosing a Divorce Lawyer: 5 Questions to Ask

When it comes to making the best decision about which lawyer to hire for their divorce, many people rely on getting a referral from a friend of relative. Although this is a common way to choose a lawyer, it can lead to a mismatch in expectations between how the client thinks that their case will […]

Contemplating Divorce

There is a road sign at a junction on an Alaskan Highway that reads, “CHOOSE YOUR RUT CAREFULLY, YOU”LL BE IN IT FOR THE NEXT 50 MILES.” We are people who find security in knowing what to expect. When considering making a decision that would send us down a new path, our fear and uncertainty […]

Taming Emotions During Divorce

Are you or someone you know contemplating divorce or in the beginning stage of divorce? This is quite often the time when emotions are in full swing, one day you may be vowing that  he or she “will get what’s coming  to them no matter HOW LONG it takes” and the next, you may be […]

January Has More Divorce Filings than Any Other Month

Although T.S. Eliot wrote in The Waste Land that “April is the cruelest month,” when it comes to filing for divorce, January is the month that leads to the most heartaches. Divorce Lawyer Source states that “More divorces are filed in January than any other month, according to court records and anecdotal evidence from divorce […]