Making the Decision to Divorce or Not

  Are you struggling with the  decision about whether it is the right time for you to move toward the direction of divorce? Many people spend months and sometimes even years considering the possibilities of separation and divorce.  Although some people can recall the exact moment when the decision about whether to divorce was no […]

Contemplating Divorce

There is a road sign at a junction on an Alaskan Highway that reads, “CHOOSE YOUR RUT CAREFULLY, YOU”LL BE IN IT FOR THE NEXT 50 MILES.” We are people who find security in knowing what to expect. When considering making a decision that would send us down a new path, our fear and uncertainty […]

Taming Emotions During Divorce

Are you or someone you know contemplating divorce or in the beginning stage of divorce? This is quite often the time when emotions are in full swing, one day you may be vowing that  he or she “will get what’s coming  to them no matter HOW LONG it takes” and the next, you may be […]

Is divorce putting your emotional fuel tank on empty?

I believe that one of the hardest realizations that comes from going through divorce is the upsetting discovery that your emotional energy tank is not only rapidly getting lower, it may be heading for Empty. Counselor and Author Dr. Jim Talley, describes it in the following way: “All our energy is being burnt up. Emotionally […]