Top 5 Ways to Take the Edge Off Overwhelm

Breathe Deeply. Breathe in slowly counting to four, then hold your breath for the same count of four and then slowly exhale. Taking the time to breathe in deeply several times can help you clear your mind when you start to feel anxious or stressed. 2.   Change your Environment. Take a walk outside with your […]

5 Signs to Help You Recognize Emotional Abuse

Are you or someone you know experiencing emotional abuse? Although many of us are aware of how to recognize physical abuse, the damaging effects from emotional abuse can be just as powerful and devastating as physical abuse. Sadly, emotional abuse is still largely ignored by our society and many times those who are experiencing it […]

Simple Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

  As you start to prepare for the beginning of a new work week, are you already experiencing tension and stress– anticipating  your week ahead with all the responsibilities and  demands that you will need to deal with there? In this short video, Health and Wellness Consultant Samantha Ibarguen shares with us some simple ways […]

What Lies Beneath a Secret Life?

When you’re lying next to your husband or wife late at night, are they thinking about you? Or are they really thinking about someone from their workplace?  Or are they thinking about a recently rekindled friendship with a prior boyfriend or girlfriend that they connected with through Facebook? In Dr. Gail Saltz’s engaging and gripping […]

Is Divorce Short-circuiting your Health?

Can the emotional firestorm you are experiencing during divorce make you sick? Not only can divorce make you sick emotionally, it can definitely impact your health in many negative ways. In his book, Deadly Emotions, Don Colbert, M.D. explains that “The body cannot differentiate between stress that physical factors cause and stress that emotional factors […]

Curbing the Physical and Emotional Health Impact of Divorce

The majority of people marry with the hope and expectation that it will be a mutually rewarding relationship that will last forever. So, it is not surprising that divorce can be a painful experience for almost everyone.  Some individuals are better equipped to handle the stresses, challenges and new opportunities of divorce than others.  However, […]

Is divorce putting your emotional fuel tank on empty?

I believe that one of the hardest realizations that comes from going through divorce is the upsetting discovery that your emotional energy tank is not only rapidly getting lower, it may be heading for Empty. Counselor and Author Dr. Jim Talley, describes it in the following way: “All our energy is being burnt up. Emotionally […]