3 Reasons Why Divorces Start Peaking in January

Many attorneys find that the time period from mid-January through March shows a strong surge in the number of people who start the legal process of filing for divorce. Why do so many people wait until this time of the year to file for divorce?  Here are 3 reasons why the number of divorce filings […]

Divorce Court: Take 2 Tylenol and watch this!

  If you are experiencing going through divorce for the first time, you may not know what to expect when your thoughts turn to going to court. In this video, divorcing couple Jill and Kevin are surrounded by bailiffs, the judge, attorneys and others who all provide some comic relief compared to what  divorce court […]

Discovering your True Self in the New Year

This is the time of year when you may be focusing on your outward appearance and considering ways to start a new eating plan, become more physically active, or improve your home. Or maybe it’s time  to weed through the tangled garden of your relationships with your family and friends to decide which could use […]

Is Your Divorce on Life Support?

Many women and men ask me, “Why is my divorce taking so long?” They also want to know, “What can I do to help things go more smoothly and cost less money?” I usually find that there are 3 Key Reasons Why you are Stuck in a Divorce that is not moving forward.   1. […]

How Confidence Plus a Mentor Helps Women Succeed in Business

When it comes to the decision to venture out into the world of starting a business, women are less likely to take the leap into entrepreneurship than men.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “male entrepreneurs in the United States outnumber their female counterparts 3.5 to 1.” What do some women have […]

Making the Decision to Divorce or Not

  Are you struggling with the  decision about whether it is the right time for you to move toward the direction of divorce? Many people spend months and sometimes even years considering the possibilities of separation and divorce.  Although some people can recall the exact moment when the decision about whether to divorce was no […]

Taming Emotions During Divorce

Are you or someone you know contemplating divorce or in the beginning stage of divorce? This is quite often the time when emotions are in full swing, one day you may be vowing that  he or she “will get what’s coming  to them no matter HOW LONG it takes” and the next, you may be […]

January Has More Divorce Filings than Any Other Month

Although T.S. Eliot wrote in The Waste Land that “April is the cruelest month,” when it comes to filing for divorce, January is the month that leads to the most heartaches. Divorce Lawyer Source states that “More divorces are filed in January than any other month, according to court records and anecdotal evidence from divorce […]

Divorce During the holidays: Great Expectations

Are you experiencing your first holidays since your divorce started? High expectations for the Holiday Season along with the uncertainty about what the New Year will bring often combine to create frustration and pressure to make Christmas even better than the way you celebrated it before the divorce began. However, this is usually a recipe for disaster. The huge […]