7 Smart Moving Tip to Avoid a Backache

    Does your stomach start to churn at the very thought of moving out of your current home? Many of us feel the same way- especially when separation and divorce often leads to needing to move into a smaller home right away due to financial necessity. Just the thought of it can lead to […]

Are you Ready to Buy a Home after Divorce?

Are you Ready to Buy a Home after Divorce? Owning your own home can provide a deeply rewarding  sense of security following the upside-down experiences of finding your way through the world of separation and divorce. Since a marital home is often a couple’s largest financial asset, figuring out whether to sell the home or […]

10 Smart Ways to Get your Home Ready to Sell

Do you need to sell your home during or after divorce? Even if you’d prefer to keep living in your home, you may need to sell because of pressing legal or financial reasons. As a divorce strategist and a real estate consultant, I understand firsthand how upsetting it can be to get through this huge […]