7 Smart Moving Tip to Avoid a Backache



Moving due to Divorce

Moving due to Divorce

Does your stomach start to churn at the very thought of moving out of your current home?

Many of us feel the same way- especially when separation and divorce often leads to needing to move into a smaller home right away due to financial necessity.

Just the thought of it can lead to feelings of overwhelm and stress!

To help you get started as you begin to plan for your move, I asked my good friend, Karen Augustine, a home organizer and moving specialist to share some of her best tips and ideas with you.

7 Smart Packing Tips to Avoid a Backache 

1.  Dishes – don’t lay dishes flat on the bottom of the box.  Cushion the bottom of  your box with extra paper, bubble wrap, towels, or blankets.  Otherwise, if the box  is dropped damage can occur. Purchase dish packs for dishes and glass dividers, which consist of a heavier cardboard.

2.  Small items – consider packing small items such as makeup, cards, screws, jewelry, or other tiny pieces in Zip Lock bags.  These keep items well contained and prevent loss or damage.

 3.  Books – these are very cumbersome and heavy.  Use small banker boxes or file boxes with handles.  Keep box weight 50 pounds or under to prevent injury.

4.  Valuables & Antiques – have an expert visit and pack these for you.

 5.  Clothing – consider renting or purchasing garment boxes from the moving company.  They are tall enough and wide enough for at least 3 feet of clothing,and they hang on a rod.  Use the bottom of the box for shoes, purses, or hats.

These boxes  are also great for packing lamps and taller items.

 6.  Wall hangings – protect your pictures and mirrors with mirror packs.  They will prevent damage to your items.  These can be rented or bought from the moving company as well.  If you have artwork that can be rolled, use a Christmas wrapping tube and store safely.

  7. General tips:

1. a) Newspaper for packing is not recommended.  If it gets wet it will leave ink residue on your items, and on your hands.

b) Save money by using trash bags, white packing paper, or grocery bags for items that are non-breakable.

c) Utilize toy boxes, plastic tubs, or luggage to pack items.  It’s empty space, so use it.

If you live in the Columbus, OH area and could use more help- reach out to Karen Augustine for a Free Consultation at 614-301-8718 or email her at neatnichelkaren@gmail.com

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