6 Ways Life Really Gets Better After Divorce


Nancy Kay

Better Life After Divorce

I know what you’re probably thinking as you read this- just how does getting through divorce lead to something better?

If you’re at the start of the divorce process or somewhere in the sticky middle, it’s hard to envision how being on your own again comes with many pluses… but often it does.

6 Ways Life Really Gets Better After Divorce

  1. Less Power Struggles– Sure, you may still need to grab some protective gear as you battle for your point of view with frustrating family members or domineering co-workers, but once your divorce is done, you can stand up stronger as you bask in the new glow of your own power.  No more arguing with your spouse over what color to paint the kitchen, where to go on vacation this year or how to spend your tax refund.

 2.   More Control over your Free Time– If making a third trip to Home Depot to find the right size parts aren’t high on your priority list, being single again may be like a breath of fresh air. Now you’ll get to decide how your time away from work gets divvied up- an exciting prospect if you’ve spent years tied down to your kids’ schedules and visiting your in-laws on the weekends and holidays.

 3.  No more trying to FIX YOUR MARRIAGE– What a huge relief this finally is! Ever stand in front of the women’s magazine section in the grocery store and noticed all the ways that women’s magazines advise you that it’s your responsibility to fix your man as well as your marriage?  It’s emotionally exhausting and now that you’re getting divorced, you can use that energy for yourself now.

    4.  Live More Freely with Less Stuff– although it may not seem like it right now, having less stuff to deal with comes with a lot of bonuses. After downsizing locally 3 times during and after my divorce, I was happy to come to the realization that stuff is just stuff- and does not need to have a choke-hold on me. And depending on what kind of items you own- your things need to cleaned, stored, maintained, updated and replaced.

Now that I have two-thirds less stuff in my place, I can focus on what I treasure the most and pay less in utilities and insurance- along with the emotional freedom of feeling less judged by what I own and the weight of being tied down.

5.  Cook or Don’t Cook- You Decide! After way too many years of being responsible for cooking several meals per day for our family of 5- I truly embraced getting ‘fired’ from this daily gig. No more expectations that Mom will be serving up an hour long dinner after work. Instead I can fix the kids a sandwich and soup.                                                                                                        As for me, I’d rather have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s “Chocolate Therapy” ice- cream followed up by some microwave popcorn and a glass of wine.

 6.  More Closet Space– ALL of the master bedroom closet storage area for just your own things now!!! You’ll finally have the space you have been craving for all your boots, sweaters, and casual coats and don’t forget that new set of monogrammed luggage you’ll be getting to celebrate life on your own.

Are you looking forward to life on ‘the other side’?

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