10 Smart Ways to Get your Home Ready to Sell

marital home cut in half

How to get Home Ready to Sell during Divorce

Do you need to sell your home during or after divorce?

Even if you’d prefer to keep living in your home, you may need to sell because of pressing legal or financial reasons.

As a divorce strategist and a real estate consultant, I understand firsthand how upsetting it can be to get through this huge time of transition.

I remember the shock I felt when the judge in my divorce ordered that our marital home be listed for sale within 30 days early on in during the divorce process.

Although I really did not want to sell it, I realized that getting the highest possible price would benefit me and our kids so I took some steps to make our home appealing as possible to potential buyers.

10 Smart Ways to get your Home Ready to Sell

  1. Start the process of emotionally detaching from the home. Take down family photos, awards, and any personal items that could distract potential buyers.
  2. View your home from the street. Do bushes need trimmed? Dead branches, weeds or trash need removed?
  3. Clear away bikes, extra cars and toys and remove oil stains in driveway or garage areas.
  4. Clean front door and clear front hall closet of too many coats, jackets and shoes.
  5. Remove and pack away as many kitchen appliances as possible. Counter tops should have plenty of open space and kitchen cabinets thinned down- pack the excess.
  6. Put 100-watt light bulbs in porch lights, garage, living areas and basement.
  7. Let fresh air in. Kitchen and bathroom areas should be kept free of odors. Fresh flowers and vanilla scented candles can help in problem areas.
  8. Clear off bathroom counters and remove personal items. Keep fresh, clean towels displayed- you may want to purchase a set to use especially for showings.
  9. Paint living areas with neutral colors to appeal to more  potential buyers.
  10. Pack up excess clothing, items and books in bedrooms so that rooms and closets appear more spacious.

 Although getting your home ready to sell definitely involves some effort, having your home stay on the market month after month and then having to lower the price can be even more stress inducing.

Since most buyers pay special attention to the entryway, kitchen and bathroom areas, these are the areas to focus on most when getting ready for showings.

Taking some time to get the home ready before your list the home for sale will make the whole process go more smoothly and help you to move forward with more money in your pocket.





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  1. We’ve sold a couple of homes, and this is great advice. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have never sold but hoping to buy soon