Do you have An Unsinkable Soul?

Tidal wave of Separation and divorce

Sinking in despair?

Can you think of a specific moment in your life when suddenly everything changed?

Have you discovered that you must face a lengthy battle with a chronic illness? Fallen into the deep, slimy pit of depression and unable to climb out on your own?  Have you been blindsided by the abrupt departure of someone you loved and deeply trusted to care for you?

How did you start to face the upsetting reality that your life will never be the same again?

First I cried.

I cried every single day for more than a year.

And then I went to a dermatologist to try to get the widespread redness removed from my face. And I cried while I filled out the paperwork in the waiting room.

Sometimes life can be very unforgiving.

As co-author of the new book, {An} Unsinkable Soul, I share my personal journey through mind-numbing disbelief, gut-wrenching despair, intensive waves of anger and many other emotions that seemed to take on a life of their own as I tried so hard to move forward through divorce.

This powerful and heartfelt book explores the myriad of ways that 22 women from all over the U.S. each navigated through their darkest storms and emerged with stronger confidence and a new sense of excitement and purpose in their lives.

What makes An Unsinkable Soul an amazing read is feeling the life energy that radiates warmly through each page as you walk side by side with each woman as she describes the battle she faced and the strategies, skills and mindset she developed to make the most of her unique abilities and gifts.

You are not alone any longer.

See for yourself how a life-altering experience can lead to something much more gratifying later on.

{An} Unsinkable Soul: Reality is the Leading Cause of Stress

An Unsinkable Soul

An Unsinkable Soul



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  1. Hello Nancy,

    You are very right about life sometimes can be unforgiving. Sometimes if that is the case you have to do your best to overcome certain aspects of life. Thanks for the heartfelt post!

  2. Yes I have been there. Both with the chronic illness three times and going through a divorce and still struggle with depression I got when I hit the wall and get burnt out.
    In my case the divorce was just to make an end at a dysfunctional time and then start over with the same man. Sounds crazy but I felt that if I should be able to forgive and move forward it was the right thing to do.