Is your Marriage Dying on the Vine of Neglect?

couple arguing at table

Is your marriage dying from neglect?

Death by a thousand cuts. A marriage may end this way.

Erupting wildly like angry lava spewing over the top of a pressure filled chamber that lies deep beneath its dark, multi-sided surface.

Or marriage can die an agonizing and slower death by neglect.

Too many work demands and frustrating conversations about your jobs that get in the way of your time together as a couple- month after month, year after mindless year.

The unrelenting parade of requests from your in-laws and kids who continue to sap your time, energy and money and leave you collapsing on the couch in exhaustion, begging for a few hours of sleep rather than setting some boundaries that could lead to a confrontation.

Financial pressures that you’ve fought about so many times before and now you’re both so tired of dealing with them that there’s just no point in even bringing them up again.

Special occasions that continue to chug by as you realize that even your pet gets more affection and personal attention than you do.

Seeing your spouse’s cell phone still lit up and buzzing in their hand even as you both drift off to sleep.

Noticing yet one more gesture that make you feel disrespected, unneeded and worthless.

Words they failed to say to you that could have been a ray of comfort.

Is your name even on the page of your spouse’s Top 10 Priorities?

Is the health of your marriage barely lighting up on the life-support monitor?

Do both of you even still care enough to keep your marriage going?


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  1. I agree. We get so caught up in everyday matters that we forget the simple things that keep it going. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A very sad post … and one that certainly gets the point across. Thank you for sharing this daunting list of warning signs – they are thought-provoking.