Divorced, Home Alone and Safe & Sound

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Safety Tips for Divorced Women

It’s probably been years since you’ve had the house to yourself. If you went directly from your parents’ home to living with your husband, maybe you’ve never experienced the pleasure.

Once the ordeal of divorce is over, you’ll find single living can be enjoyable. You won’t have to share the bathroom or closet. Once you clean the kitchen, it stays clean. No one will object if you want breakfast for dinner. You’ll have more freedom to do (or not do) what you want without having to check someone else’s calendar.

But don’t let the bliss of it all go to your head. Take reasonable precautions to make certain your new, happy life is a safe one.

Home Security

The top of the list for a woman living alone is to have a security system installed. There are all levels of home security systems available, and many of them can be monitored and activated using your smart phone. Whether you want something basic or one with all the bells and whistles, retailers like securitychoice.com are great resources for home security options that are as affordable as they are effective. With the money you’ll save on insurance and the peace of mind a home security system provides, it’s like getting a gift with purchase.

Don’t Hide a Key

If you are a serial key loser or you tend to lock your keys inside your apartment or car, stashing a key in a convenient hiding place might sound like a good idea. But that plaster rock stands out like a beacon, and putting an extra key under the flower pot or inside the porch light are too cliché. Those are places intruders look first. Handing out a collection of duplicates to your friends and family isn’t an ideal solution either. Instead of stashing your key, suck up your embarrassment and have the building manager let you in with his spare.

Get a Pet

If your rental agreement allows for pets, consider getting a dog or cat. Dogs are just as sensitive as security systems, and a big dog will be a deterrent for would-be intruders. And, yes, even a cat can be helpful. She may not attack a prowler on command (although it’s been known to happen) but her sharp senses will alert you if anything’s amiss. Pets offer more than security, though. They offer companionship with no back talk or judgment.And as a bonus, living with a pet can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress.

Check in With Someone

It might seem to go against your new-found freedom, but checking in with someone once a day is effective for staying safe. If you miss calling in, they’ll know something’s up. Parents are an obvious choice, but picking a safety buddy — another person who lives alone — so you can check in with each other and know that all is well is a great option.

Being reasonably sensible and aware doesn’t mean adopting a paranoid persona, but it will allow you to truly relax and enjoy your new life knowing that you’ve taken the steps to keep it safe and secure.

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