Are you Getting the Respect you Deserve in your Marriage?

man and woman on opposite sides of door

Does your marriage include respect?

Do you find that you often ignore or deny the intense hunger pains that cry out to you for more consideration and respect in your marriage?

Although you may try to deny or suppress it, each of us deserves to expect and experience a relationship that includes being truly known, accepted, valued, and seen along with compassion and honesty.

In her new book, “Hungry”, Psychologist and author Dr. Robin Smith explores the multitude of reasons that led to her finding herself emotionally starving for emotional and relational nourishment and her subsequent journey to discover and embrace her inner wisdom. Although she has spent many years counseling others, she shares how her own need for approval from others contributed to her feeling inauthentic and spiritually empty and worn down.

Are you accepting conditions in your marriage that are making you feel miserable, diminished and under-valued?  Deep down, do you believe that you truly deserve honesty, respect and to share your true feelings without fear of rejection or being judged by your spouse?

“All relationships require give and take. It’s how we get along in the world. But there’s a difference between compromising and collapsing. No one has the right to ask you to sacrifice yourself…”

When you are feeling taken advantage of, unappreciated and disrespected, it’s easy to point to your spouse for all that is going wrong in your marriage.

Yet, in order to feel emotionally full, you can benefit from taking the time to explore and understand why you should value your own true needs and wants and find ways to build up your own emotional reserves.  In this way, your inner wisdom and enhanced intuition will help you to make wiser decisions about whether to stay or go.

As Dr. Robin wisely points out, “Is our vow to love, cherish and honor ourselves as important as the vows we make to others?”




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  1. Barb Wills says:

    Excellent article! Far too often women put the needs of others ahead of their own needs. And that does exactly what this article points out! We are then empty and feeling inauthentic. I love the last line.

    Thanks, Nancy!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for another great article, Nancy. I think a lot of women start feeling frustrated when they realize they are undervalued, whether it’s intentional or not. Pause for thought!