Top 5 Ways to Take the Edge Off Overwhelm

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  1. Breathe Deeply. Breathe in slowly counting to four, then hold your breath for the same count of four and then slowly exhale. Taking the time to breathe in deeply several times can help you clear your mind when you start to feel anxious or stressed.

2.   Change your Environment. Take a walk outside with your dog, stop by a favorite coffee place or just grab a book or magazine and head to another room in your home. Just knowing you are getting a break from where you are now can benefit you.

3.   Eat Some Dark Chocolate. Recent scientific studies are showing that eating small amounts chocolate every day for two weeks lowers our stress hormones and increase our feelings of well-being. So why not enjoy something that tastes great AND can help you feel better?

4.  Do Something Physical. Break some cheap glassware or those cologne bottles of his if you think that it will help you to feel better.  If you’re in the mood for something calmer, try a variety of yoga classes or learn tai-chi.

5.  Get it Out!!!  If your emotions are in a tangled web, put on some loud music that reflects your mood and sing along with it, or take a long hot shower and give yourself permission to cry. Call a trusted friend or Talk with a Coach.

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  1. I can so relate to these suggestions. Thank you for sharing them. Thankfully, I’m now past the anger and hurt and am functioning at optimal capacity:).

  2. Good, sensible suggestions. Being English I would add a cup of tea to drink with the dark chocolate.

  3. Changing your situation and energy is absolutely a great way to shift away from overwhelm.