Simple Ways to Deal with Stress at Work


As you start to prepare for the beginning of a new work week, are you already experiencing tension and stress– anticipating  your week ahead with all the responsibilities and  demands that you will need to deal with there?

In this short video, Health and Wellness Consultant Samantha Ibarguen shares with us some simple ways that we can cope with stress at work and find some relief during our super-charged work days.

Each week as you head out the front door on Monday morning, you’ll find yourself trying to negotiate the difficult balance between dealing with the heavy load of your work week while also dealing with personal life crises which may include separation or divorce, along with the ongoing challenges of co-parenting.

When facing multiple types of stress, be sure to take a few minutes to learn and put into practice these simple techniques to help you avoid the damaging  health consequences that come from neglecting your body and mind.

What do you find helpful when it comes to dealing with stress at work?

woman with migraine headache

Please let me know your thoughts in the Comments Section below.


  1. Hi, Nancy!
    Thanks for the video! I teach music and movement class for young children, so you might guess that I sing and dance when I’m stressed! Working out helps too. Exercising and singing both make you be aware of your breathing and get your blood flowing. Happy Sunday!

  2. We can take mini breaks whenever we want thankfully so if im feeling really stressed, I go to the breakroom get myself a drink and a snack and find someplace quiet to hang for a few minutes. Its usually the stock room – I work for a printing company.

  3. Hi Nancy
    I so remember those Monday morning stressful feelings when my kids were younger, when I had just got a promotion and had to take on much more responsibility, when I was caring for my sick Mother and running a home too – ohhh painful memories

    But yes these things just have to be dealt with – always have a lunch break and try to get outdoors for a walk in the fresh air usually cleared my head! Still do that now most days even though those particular stresses have gone