Lift as You Climb

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After sharing some time together at our tables getting to know each other and find out what products and services we provide to our clients, we enjoyed hearing a presentation by Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork which is based in Dallas, Texas.

Sandra started eWomenNetwork about 12 years ago to inspire women from all over the U.S. and Canada to connect and support each other while learning valuable skills and strategies to build businesses that not only survive, but flourish. Her vision for her own business was to figure out how to do that for her own business success, and then encourage other women to do the same.

One of the guiding principles Sandra believes in whole-heartedly is her key principle that it is important to  “Lift as You Climb” which she describes in the introduction to her 2012 best-selling book, “Succeeding in Spite of Everything.”  By remembering to reach back and guide other women through the critical phases of building a business, we are both gaining in our own wisdom and giving back at the same time.

Like many women entrepreneurs, Sandra faced a crisis of confidence just two years into starting eWomenNetwork and explained how despite working 20 hours a day, she was on the brink of bankruptcy and fending off bill collectors every month.

Sandra seriously considered quitting altogether. “I had never worked as hard in my life, for the least amount of money I had ever made. It really shook me to the core, and started playing with my mind and undermining my confidence.”

I asked Sandra how she was able to turn things around from the overwhelming despair she was experiencing back then to gain the confidence she needed to create the highly successful business she runs today. She said that she came to the realization that she couldn’t do it all alone and that by continuing to run herself ragged, she would not be able to succeed.

By selling some items to get just enough money to hire a business coach, she took her first step toward getting the guidance and support she needed to begin building the business faster and hire her first assistant.

Her key message to us yesterday was “Don’t go it alone” when it comes to developing a business that thrives.

Through connecting with a business coach who could show her how to focus her talents and energy on where it needed to be used the most, Sandra was able to delegate to others what she herself did not have enough time and expertise to do. It was then that she began to experience more success.

As Sandra highlights in her book, “It is the Journey from Despair to Destiny that really shapes an Entrepreneur.”

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  1. Great post Nancy…. I made a firm intention 4 days ago that I must have a team now and the following day the person turned up!
    Thank you for this.. very timely confirmation. I’ve been in business for 20 years and always by myself.. it’s been really tough and just can’t move forward. I have a business coach too and more support then ever now.
    So pleased your drive was worthwhile!
    Thanks for sharing
    Rosemary X