How Energy Healing can Help through Separation and Divorce

Healing stones- joy, hope, dream

Healing our Energy

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the  negative energy and emotions that we experience and store up in our bodies and memories during times of major transition such as separation, divorce or anger or grief about the loss of a family member?

My good friend Julie Christensen  is an Energy Healer from helping us to understand what energy healing is and how it can release the negative energy blocks that often stay stuck within us, replacing them with a comforting flow of healing energy.

There are a number of ways that negative emotions and energies can be  freed up and replaced with a more positive energy flow that benefits both the body and mind.

These  methods include  aromatherapy, essential oils, biofeedback, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT), color light therapy and others.

I am planning to try some of these methods soon and look forward to seeing the difference in my energy flow before and after experiencing these healing techniques.

Have you tried any of these ways of releasing and transforming negative energy into healing energy?

Please let me know your thoughts in the Comments Section below.


  1. Hello Nancy – I am an energy healer and became one because for many years I worked with “talking” modalities (coaching, consulting, etc.). Once I discovered the power of energy healing I have worked to integrate this into my offerings. They are very complimentary to one another – alone, each can go only so far. Talking without energy leaves us in our head and emotions; healing without talking leaves the need for integration. Both are very powerful, and the combination is very effective and very healing. Good luck! Love, Mj