Divorce Court: Take 2 Tylenol and watch this!


If you are experiencing going through divorce for the first time, you may not know what to expect when your thoughts turn to going to court.

In this video, divorcing couple Jill and Kevin are surrounded by bailiffs, the judge, attorneys and others who all provide some comic relief compared to what  divorce court is really like!

In many situations, going to divorce court is not necessary if the separating couple can reach a mutual agreement using the special skills of mediators or collaborative attorneys who structure their practices in such a way that court appearances can be avoided.

In addition, a skilled Divorce Coach can provide some support and guidance to lessen the confusion and help each person deal with the conflicting emotions that they are experiencing during this time of cataclysmic life changes.

Not only does not going to divorce court  avoid a great deal of expense, it also is a much faster way of resolving disagreements since the couple can avoid getting tied up in the massive backlog of  court cases that can often take eighteen months or even several years to resolve.

Using a mediator or collaborative approach may not be right for everyone though since it requires that the parties each provide a forthright disclosure of financial documents and some degree of cooperation when it comes to parenting and financial matters.

If there is abuse, suspected secretive financial matters or a significant power imbalance between the couple, it may be time to consult an attorney who has the ability to subpoena the needed discovery documents and hidden information in hopes that a more equitable agreement can be reached.


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  1. Cute video. So blessed I don’t have to experience divorce.

  2. I am a child of divorce, actually many times over… lol… I just can’t imagine actually going through it. Nice post with good tips, especially about trying mediating… thanks

  3. Having been through a divorce I know how stressful it is. I would have liked a site like this during that time.
    Awesome post!