3 Tips for Facing the New Year on your Own

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As you begin moving forward into the New Year, you might be considering separation, be in the process of divorce or facing the need to make plans to start living on your own for the first time in many years.

When dealing with the multitude of changes that are coming your way, it’s valuable to have several tips in mind as you get started.

Here are 3 Tips for Facing the New Year on your Own:

1. Keep your Expectations Light – The higher our expectations are for how we think things should be for ourselves and our children, the more frustrated and let down we feel when things take longer or don’t turn out the way we hoped and planned. This gap between your expectations and your current reality shapes your mind-set and becomes a source of frustration unless you learn how to stay flexible and fluid in dealing with expectations.

2. Remember you are in a Time of Transition– Since you probably have not faced living on your own in quite some time, be sure to take whatever time you need right now to carefully check out all possible resources available and options that you may not have considered previously.

For instance, if due to moving out on your own you can no longer afford to live within your child’s school district due to high rent or mortgage costs, consider the possibility of moving just outside your child’s district area  to save on housing costs.

3. Reflect on your life as being put together in an exciting and fresh new way.  Consider your life as an entire puzzle, not just one part of the puzzle. The more you get fixated on one specific part of your life as not measuring up to what you had hoped as you go forward on your own, the more likely you are to feel dissatisfied overall.

No matter if you are currently separated, still married or newly single; remember that your life is made up of many dynamic facets that include your work life, physical well-being, spiritual life, emotional health, caring for pets, friends and relatives and more.

By keeping your expectations light, remembering that you are in a major time of transition and reflecting on your life as whole rather than just specific parts of it, you’ll face the New Year with less frustration and more confidence.


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  1. Rianne Farris says:

    Really enjoyed this article. You have great advice and are so wise!