3 Reasons to Rip Open that Chocolate Bar!

woman eating chocolate bar

Eating chocolate during divorce can help you!

When it comes to dealing with your health during separation and divorce, it is so easy to get caught up in the emotional storm of divorce that your plans to focus on your physical well-being often get tossed around like a foil wrapper into the back seat of your car while you navigate though each stress-packed day.

Especially if your divorce is high-conflict, your physical health is just one more thing you need to deal with as you sort through your divorce options and look for the divorce guidance and support you need.

Fortunately, there is one enjoyable treat you can enjoy during divorce that actually has proven health benefits: eating dark chocolate can benefit your body and mind in several exciting ways.

3 Reasons to Rip Open that Chocolate Bar!

1.  Dark chocolate is great for your blood pressure. Eating dark chocolate has been shown in health studies to help lower  blood, pressure, and the antioxidants contained within dark chocolate help to improve blood flow throughout your body and can prevent blood clots from forming.

        2.   Dark chocolate is powerful for your brain. Chocolate contains PEA (chemical created inside your brain) that encourages the release of endorphins which helps you to feel better emotionally.

3.   Dark chocolate contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Surprised? I was! Copper, magnesium, potassium and iron help to protect against anemia, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Since high blood pressure can lead to strokes, chocolate may also protect against strokes as well.

How can you get the best health results from eating dark chocolate?

Go for high quality by looking for dark chocolate that does not contains partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats).

Eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate 2-3 times per week is an enjoyable way to protect your health so go ahead- Rip Open that Chocolate Bar right now!



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  1. OMG- you had me at Rip open that Chocolate Bar!
    I love dark chocolate and have been saying for years it’s good for you. Just not a lot of it.
    Whooo woo- now I’m going to go get some dark chocolate and enjoy it.! Thanks.

  2. I knew about the blood pressure and the vitamins and minerals. I did not know that it contained PEA and endorphins….very needed when dealing with trying and tough situations! Gotta Go ~ Gonna go by chocolate now.

  3. Great post…Yummy Chocolate..:)

    I love Dark Chocolate… and glad to read it can be good for you! The health benefits would work for any stressful event in life..

  4. Thanks for the interesting facts about chocolate. It’s nice to know something we love is also healthy!

    When a particular food is not forbidden, it becomes something that you enjoy, and can eat “normally”: just like a thin person eats. Women, in particular, are so used to calling something a “bad food”, and then depriving ourselves. Then it becomes the item that you binge on when your “will and won’t power” stop keeping you in check during times of stress (like during divorce!).

    Using food for “comfort” during the stress of divorce reinforces a belief that food can be comforting. Notice how many women gain weight after a divorce; because of the stress! Sure, no food should be forbidden- but no food should be thought of as “comfort food”. If you don’t want to gain weight – do the things that will actually help with the stress- take a walk in the woods; watch a sunset; call a friend; be your own best friend.
    And ENJOY your chocolate ANYTIME – but only if you are hungry; and stop when you’re full!

  5. You make some great points with these posts, about self improvement in general, not just for those going through the struggle of divorce.
    By the way I love you titles – simple and attention grabbing.

  6. Love dark chocolate – just came back from the supermarket run and bought some dark chocolate biscuits – just eaten several with my coffee!