Co-Parenting with a Frosty Ex? Help is Here!

Co-Parenting with a Frosty Ex During Holidays

Co-Parenting with a Frosty Ex During Holidays

It’s just one week until Christmas and all through the house…

Instead of hearing the scurrying of a mouse…

Mom is ready to blow a fuse the very next time she sees her ex’s phone number light up on her cell phone.

Why is it so hard to communicate with your Frosty Ex about the kids during the Holidays?

Instead of  helping your kids to put together a list for Santa, you may be  adding to your list of upsetting experiences such as these:

·        You are feeling frustrated about parenting disagreements and wonder why it has to be so hard to reach a reasonable agreement about your children’s’ activities and needs

·        You feel angry when your other child’s parent refuses to communicate with you or communicates in a way that sets off your anger

·        You are ready to stop the ongoing cycle of conflicts and want to know how to communicate in a way that lessens conflict and leads to more cooperation from your child’s other parent

·        You want to know what steps you can take right away to lessen the impact of parenting disagreements so  that your children can feel secure and more confident

As a Divorce Strategist and Co-Parenting Coach who has also had these kinds of experiences, I understand firsthand what it is like to have to communicate with a Frosty Ex during the Holidays.

Learn Strategies and Tips that Really Work when you start to experience the stresses of co-parenting with a Frosty Ex.

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