3 Reasons why Jewelry Ads are Upsetting during the Holidays

Are your favorite Christmas songs playing over and over in your head? Or are you hearing the catchy jingles from jewelry store ads instead? Each holiday season we start hearing and seeing the jewelry store ads sooner than before. The relentless barrage of jewelry store jingles saturates my mind with messages that play with my emotions and expectations at this special time of year.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Jewelry Ads are Upsetting during the Holidays:

1.       Getting the gift of jewelry means that you are more valued than those who don’t get jewelry.

Diamond Rings Depreciate Quickly

  And if you are truly valuable, someone will buy you just the piece of jewelry that you want to have most.  If you are a man, then it is your responsibility to show your wife or girlfriend that they are important to you by giving them jewelry –not gifts like books, clothes and kitchen items. If a man can’t afford it, he is inadequate and falling short of what he should be achieving financially. And if you are a woman, it’s your mission to circle the items you want in the jewelry store ad or show him what you want as you go past the jewelry store in the mall- then wait to see how valuable you are on Christmas Day.

 2.       The more you spend on jewelry, the more your relationship is worth.  This is the message that jewelry store ads constantly promote during the holidays. Men are expected to pony up way more they can afford and women are encouraged to ask for way more than they usually would since after all, this is the holiday season!  It’s why every year men buy jewelry for women so inflated in price that selling it later on results in it being worth only about one tenth of the retail store value when that jewelry reaches the resale market.

I learned this firsthand from trying to sell my wedding ring following my divorce. When I went to sell my platinum diamond wedding ring last year before the holidays, I went to five different jewelry stores and brokers to see what I could get for it. I even sent it to a brokerage in New York City with an online website which advertises that it specializes in purchasing used jewelry.  After paying a large fee for the ring to be insured through the mail and waiting 30 days for them to evaluate it, I was quoted nearly the same price that the local jewelers were offering.

I had to settle for receiving about one seventh of the ring’s original retail price and was assured that the appraisal price information I provided along with the ring was also highly over-inflated.  Ironically, despite the frustration and disappointment of getting so much less for the ring, the amount I did get was just what I needed then to get a business plan put together.

3.       Your holidays are not complete unless you receive a surprise gift box of expensive jewelry.   Ever noticed how many jewelry ads show an attentive, well-dressed guy holding out a tiny box with a big bow with an ecstatic woman giving him a big bear hug? He even was able to read her mind about the exact time to give it to her for maximum impact.  These commercials suggest that affection can be bought and it comes inside a shiny blue box with an impressive store name and a bright red ribbon! Those who don’t get to experience this are missing the full joy of the holidays!


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