Overwhelm During Divorce

Are you struggling with all the changes going on right now during your divorce?

Since divorce cuts across all the parts of a person’s life and absorbs a vast amount of emotional energy along the way, you are definitely not alone if you are struggling to figure out what to focus on first.

What are the Top 5 Stressors that are causing you to feel overwhelmed?

By taking the time to actually write them down and brainstorming some ways to respond to them, you are taking the first  important steps to create a manageable plan of action so that you can begin moving forward.

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Could you benefit from  confidential support and guidance from a professional counselor or divorce coach? Is there a local support group in your area that you could join? Taking a few small steps to reach out to those who truly understand what you are going through right now is an essential part of dealing with the  multiple sources of stress you are faced with that feel as if they are coming at your from all sides.

By reaching out to get the support and strategic guidance you need now rather than trying to figure out everything on your own, you  and your family members will greatly benefit.  Your levels of frustration, confusion and stress will decrease and your increase in confidence, resilience and inner strength will help to guide you as you begin to  figure out your new life plan.

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