Having the Same Parenting Arguments Over and Over?

Are you struggling with anger, stress and frustration when dealing with your child’s other parent?

Do you experience the same types of disagreements over and over with no end in sight?

Navigating through divorce is challenging enough, but trying to deal with the ongoing conflicts that continue to come up both during and after divorce can feel overwhelming and make you wonder why it has to be so hard.

Nancy Kay with Moving Forward Through Divorce can show you Valuable Strategies you can put into Action Right Now to help you with the Stress and Anger you are experiencing from Parenting Conflicts.

I can help you discover:

  • The 3 Key Reasons Why your Conflicts Aren’t Getting Resolved and how they steal your time and energy
  • Learn How to Communicate More Effectively with your Child’s Other Parent so that you can stop being stuck  in on-going power struggles
  • Discover Steps You Can Take Now to Help Minimize the Impact of Conflicts on your Kids so that they can feel less anxious and more secure and confident

By learning how to navigate through co-parenting more effectively, you can lessen the ongoing conflicts and make things easier for both yourself and your children as you move forward.

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