Starting Divorce: Fear of Change

Do you know someone who has been thinking about divorce for quite some time, yet continues to stay in an unfulfilling and unhealthy relationship due to fear of change?

In Brendon Burchard’s new book, “The Charge,” he describes how change is a biologically based call forward to drive and learn, yet so many people are terrified of change. ” We all know we need to change in some areas of our lives. But so many are awash in the jetstream of continual change in our life that we rarely want to deal with any more change. Our internal drive, though, demands that we must. ”

Before taking a first step toward divorce, it’s essential to come to terms with the fear that can both keep us frozen in place, yet  also could lead us toward what often turns out to be a much bolder and brighter future.

Unfortunately, since divorce is often the catalyst for losses, most people have trouble imagining that there is also much to gain. “You imagine the upcoming change taking control of your life and stripping from you something you enjoy, love or are comfortable with. You fixate on all the things you will lose once you make or experience the change. And because you expect to lose more than you gain, you become fearful or unmotivated.”

By continuing to  laser-focus on what we stand to lose, we avoid the challenge of confronting and dealing directly with these fears and continue to justify why we are avoiding starting the divorce process.

Our previous disappointments and expectation of loss holds us back from getting stronger, bolder and wiser- all qualities that someone will gain once  they dare to summon the inner courage to closely examine their fears about change and start moving forward in their life instead of choosing to stay stuck in place.

What new strengths, experiences and opportunities could open up for you? Do you have the support you need to start examining your fear of change?

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