Making the Decision to Divorce or Not

Warning: Uncertainty Ahead


Are you struggling with the  decision about whether it is the right time for you to move toward the direction of divorce?

Many people spend months and sometimes even years considering the possibilities of separation and divorce.  Although some people can recall the exact moment when the decision about whether to divorce was no longer a question for them, others struggle with deeply-held fears, uncertainty and wondering if there might be any other ways to save the marriage, even if many warning signs show the marriage is struggling to breathe while on life-support.

In her book, “Contemplating Divorce” Author Susan Pease Gadoua describes how this conflict can continue indefinitely. “They kept waiting for it to seem right, for their instincts to kick in, or for that still, small voice to direct them, but instead there were always two voices: one that justified staying and the other leaving.”

When struggling with such a high-magnitude decision that cuts across all the parts of your life, it can be very helpful to talk things through with someone outside of your usual support network, someone who can show you how to sort through the confusion, panic and uncertainty.

Confronting the fear behind your fears is critical when struggling with the decision of whether to divorce or not.  By allowing your fears and uncertainty to take the wheel, you avoid the negative consequences of divorce, but also block out the opportunity for choosing a new life direction that can empower you and lead you to meet people and explore opportunities you never knew about before.

By considering your options from various angles through confidential coaching, you can experience a safe place to explore your fears and worries and reduce the significant drain on your energy you are experiencing by staying in a long-term state of uncertainty.  The benefits include a better level of focus, less self-doubting and the knowledge you need to confront and manage your fears so that you will be able to make your decisions from a position of strength.



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