High Cost of Divorce

According to the Forbes Magazine article,  “To Have And to Hold On To,” “Estimates on the average cost of a divorce in the U.S. range from $15,000.00 to $30,000.00.

Where does all that money go?

The bulk of it, predictable goes to the lawyers. Matrimonial law is currently a staggering 28 billion a year industry. Court fees can also add a hefty sum to your divorce bill; a mere two-day trial can set you back as much as $25,000.00…”

Since many divorce lawyers charge $300.o0 or more per hour and require a large retainer to get started on your case, learning the best ways to deal effectively with your divorce attorney and other experts  (financial advisor, realtor, business evaluator,  guardian ad-litem, etc.) is essential in order to get the best possible outcome in your case without suffering from an out-of-control financial bleed.

In her recent article, “Emotions  Can Suck Your Wallet Dry in Divorce,”  Divorce Expert and Author Susan Pease Gadoua writes, “What most people don’t realize is that — while how you divorce or what there is to split may play a part in the cost– the number one way for you and your spouse to save money in a divorce is to deal effectively with the emotional aspects of the split.”

Of course, this is easier said than done! With the build-up of  many years of anger, resentments, neglect, jealousy as well as demands for justice and vengeance, these emotions can and often do drag cases through years of litigation in the court system.

Gadoua recommends that those who are approaching the divorce process seek out resources, information and find the support they need in order to help them better manage their emotions during divorce.

Trying to do this alone or seeking support from friends or family members who urge you to  hurry up and get the divorce over with and move on, often leads to only more frustrations, confusion and emotional overload.

When beginning the overwhelming major life transition of divorce, be sure to remember to invest in yourself  to ensure that you will have the right kind of support, guidance and knowledge you need– both now and throughout the entire divorce process.




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  1. highest divorce cost charge by lawyer???

    • I am sorry to hear about your divorce, esicepally with children involved. I do not know much about WV Law, however the link below hooks you into the US Dept of Health and Human Services, National Electronic Child Support Resource System, as it pertains to WV websites.I do know that WV is not a community property state. I am only familiar with that concept in property division and disposal. I will also post a link to DivorceNet, you might want to check their forums for your area.